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"Dedicated CRE consultants with over $1.25B in transaction experience supporting investor's needs and goals"

 Consulting Services

Mortgage Brokerage Services
 Hometown Buffet Leased Investment
1299 Center Drive; Medford, OR
Assisted the owner of the property by negotiating with the Chapter 11 national tenant, then refinanced the subject property with a new first trust deed; 4.75% fixed rate; 10-year amortization; 10-year term; NON-Recourse loan that closed September 2012.
Amount: $1,500,000.00
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Consulting Services

California Baptist University (CBU)

Riverside, California


Providing On-Going Real Estate Consulting Services

Mark Illsley has assisted CBU for almost a decade with strategy and tactics to acquire real property on and around the campus to meet its expansion needs and goals.  Multi-family, office, retail, and student housing properties totaling over $85M have been purchased and financed by CBU using Mark Illsley's services.  Consulting services are "on-going" with 10 additional properties under consultation, negotiations, and analysis.

Value:  $60,000,000+/-